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To hold books or other printed materials, a tallboy bookcase is a piece of furniture with horizontal shelves, typically in a cabinet. Tallboy Bookcase are used in offices, classrooms, retail establishments, public and academic libraries, and private homes. Tallboy Bookcases are available in a range of dimensions, from small, table-height units to large, ceiling-height ones. In this situation, shelves could be fixed or movable to different locations. In areas that are used exclusively for the storage of books, such libraries, they may be permanently mounted to the walls and/or the floor.
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default-user Mark Watson

I was given the Tallboy Bookcase by my grandmother for Christmas, and it is perfect for when I want a little bit of extra space in my home. I love how it can be used as a desk, a table, or a shelf. It...read more
16 January 09:19 PM