Spice Zen

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PO Box 8, Roseville NSW 2069 Australia

location Place : Roseville
city City : Melbourne
state State : Melbourne
country Country : Australia

atmail Email : info@spicezen.com.au
web Website : https://spicezen.com.au/

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Spice Zen is a leading manufacturer, exporter and distributor of organic herbs and spices, handcrafted herbs and spices, tea and drinks, freshed cold pressed oils. Our focus is to produce food and beverages for the enjoyment and wellbeing of our customers. All our products are made from certified organic ingredients. Our products fall in the following categories:
- Pure herbs & spices
- Handcrafted spice blends
- Loose leaf teas, tea blends and herbal teas
- Cold pressed nut & seed oils
- Australian native ingredients, teas and spice mixes
- Gluten free flours, couscous, semolina
- Condiments, lentils and other pantry items
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