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So you bought a new Ring Video Doorbell. But how do you install it? The setup for a Ring doorbell may be easier than you think. We'll walk you through some simple steps based on the device you bought and how you want to hook it up. You need to pay close attention for each step and start doing the same as guided.+1-888-937-0088
How does a Ring doorbell work?
Before we dive into the Ring doorbell setup process, let's take a look how it works. A Ring Video Doorbell is a security camera + Doorbell in on package you can get both. Whenever anyone come at your house and pushes the button of Ring, Then you can see who’s there via notification on your phone, tablet or computer, even you can talk over it. The Ring also detects motion—you get a live view of your porch and via two-way audio, you can speak to guests.+1-888-937-0088
The Ring doorbells are available in wired and wireless models. And each model has different options.

Download and set up the Ring app
The first thing what need to do is, Open App store or Google play store, Type on Search bar Ring Security App, Download it. After all open the app and tap on create account, create an account.

•	Connect your Ring to Wi-Fi
•	Go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi.
•	Once your Ring device is connected, follow the prompt to select your home network in Wi-Fi settings and enter your Wi-Fi password.
•	When the light on your Ring device flashes blue four times, you're connected.
•	You can now physically install your battery-operated or wired Ring doorbell, with or without an existing doorbell.
If you have any issues with the Ring camera setup, you can call our support team for help. Our technichian for Ring Security system provides the complete Guide for ring security camera issues, ring camera setup, and ring doorbell troubleshooting. Our ring camera experts are available 24x7 at toll-free +1–888–937–0088 for technical support.For more information visit here:
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