Importance of Media Captioning Services

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Media captioning services are necessary for SEO ranking, wider reach, and increased watch time. 

Importance of Media Captioning Services

For your media content to thrive and go global, it is imperative that you reach as many people as possible. Consumers are searching and relying on videos for information more than ever. Therefore, you need to get creative with the media content and optimize them for a wider audience. One way of doing that is through media captioning.

Are you a television broadcasting company, a media content creator & an OTT platform?

You would need media captioning services to increase the reach, better SEO and also adhere to the accessibility laws of different countries.

Media Captioning Services: Closed Captioning Services
Vanan Captioning is a reputed agency known to provide excellent closed media captioning services. By providing you with an accurate text version of dialogue and sounds in a video in real-time, the agency will help you improve SEO. Vanan has a dedicated team of experts and state-of-the-art technology, the perfect place for professional media captioning.

Is the Use of Media Captioning Services Growing?

The popularity of OTT platforms are growing and there arises a need for closed captions because it is compulsory for every video content to have closed captions, specially in the US. 4.1% of the people in the US are deaf or hard of hearing. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the media content & other videos must be made available to this part of the population by providing adequate captions.

Also, research says that, on Facebook alone, 85% of the viewers prefer to watch the videos on mute. 
Thanks to captioning, viewers can follow along and grasp the information on the video and audio in real-time. 

Media captioning and audio description help with audience expansion, retention, social sharing, and increased engagement. Are you looking for closed captioning services for broadcast company?  Vanan Captioning is the best captions provider in the US.

Why is Captioning Important to Media?

Media captioning's relevance stems from its capacity to make video more accessible in a variety of ways. 
It allows deaf and hard of hearing people to view videos, making it easier for them to focus on and recall information. It facilitates watching videos in sound-sensitive surroundings. It is important for media production companies to know that although captions were introduced for deaf or hard of hearing people, it is used by all these days. 


Vanan Captioning has a wealth of experience in delivering effective captioning services for media and entertainment industry for their TV shows, documentaries, movies, series, and much more. With Vanan, you are guaranteed to get top-notch media captioning quality, value for money, and on-time delivery.
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