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Setting up Arlo Pro cameras is a straightforward process, offering a convenient way to monitor your home or office. 
These wireless cameras, with their user-friendly interface, provide an efficient solution for property surveillance. 
To initiate the setup, ensure all components—cameras, base station, power adapters, and necessary cables—are available.
 Begin by placing the base station near the router for a stable internet connection and connecting it via an Ethernet cable. 
Then, position the cameras within the base station's range, power them up, and sync them by following the provided instructions. 
Next, download the Arlo app, create an account or log in, and add the cameras by scanning QR codes or inputting serial numbers. 
Customize settings within the app and test the live feed to ensure proper functionality. 
Need help or have queries? Contact our support team at +1-888-380-0144 for expert guidance.
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