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EPS Interior Designers in Chennai offers you color psychology interior design. Pls find the below content how we use color pscyhology in interior designing.

Color Psychology and interior design are inseparable. And it’s evolving more in recent times. But People are not aware of the psychological benefits. Centuries ago rich and affluent people were investing money for designing their interior, Middle class and lower middle class people couldn’t afford that cost.

But Interior designers are breaking the constraint. They are making more creative designs at an affordable price. Interior Designers in chennai are consistently working on merging psychology and design. Many companies have already achieved it. 

So What is Color Psychology?

The terminology might look awkward but the concept is simple with tons of benefits. It’s just designing the interior with Emotions, Mood and Behaviour. Nothing but design it with what your brain likes unconsciously.

Lets go deeper into the concept


It is one of the most important factors for Interior Design. Color combination can make a person from anger to peace, sadness to joy. Yes, it 100% proved in Color Psychology. 

Here are the list of colors and its benefits

Red color Psychology: 
Red color is more vibrant, when it’s mixed with white shades it brings love and high energy level. Red mixed with maroon color brings you a different combination, where a number of corporations use this color to influence energy, motivation to employees.

Here are some of the Emotions associated with Red Color

Love, Passion, Need and Desire
Increase Confident Level, Courage, Energy and Will power
Orange is used by many interior designers across the globe, majorly used in logos, wall painting and furniture. Orange color are very attractive and influences the positivity inside everyone. It is referred to as nature’s color because of the reflection of sunshine.

Brings calmness to people
It’s the color of Inspiration
Influence Desire and love. 
Brown Color Psychology: 
Brown brings you a rustic look, which will eliminate depression and give you harmony. Combination of orange, white and yellow can give you a rich look for your room and office interiors. If you are not feeling safe in your living environment, brown is the great color to choose. Just stay away from depression and live a calm life.

Benefits of Using brown color for your interiors.

However It provides comfort living and eliminate depression and anger
Brings you safety and security, helps to live a balanced life.
Gives you more strength to achieve your personal and official goals.
Humans related green color with mother nature. Green provides you freshness and trust, which is considered as a powerful color for interior design. Green color will reduce the Tension and blood pressure, giving you comfort and peace. 

Why to choose green color

Feel the nature
Freshness, Joy, Safety and security
Calmness and Comfort
Healing unconsciously.
Blue color psychology: 
Blue resembles calmness, with Color Psychology benefits blue helps to relax your mind and provide you with a healing effect. This color has positive benefits without any negativity. The main color combinations with blue are yellow and white. 

Blue reflects royalty, luxury gives you eye-catching looks and also decreases discomfort and anger.

Benefits of using Blue color

Luxury, Royal and Dominant
Trustworthy, Power and leadership
Knowledge, Spiritual and consciousness.
Yellow is the color of positivity, it’s a great choice for kitchen, dining room and bathroom. Without any surprise we can see the color yellow as happiness, optimism and positive energy. Yellow color and related colors are undoubtedly vibrant and decorate the yellow color with kids’ rooms, playschool and nursery school. Which will bring positivity for the kids and motivate them from a younger age. 

Other Benefits: 

I have seen affluent people used to decorate their home with vibrant yellow color. 
In addition, we can create Bold Yellow accessories for the floor, using yellow in dark shades will look astonishingly great.   
Grey Color Psychology: 
This Color is always a versatile and it will opt for many personalities. Therefore main color psychology of grey is you will feel very secure and intelligent.

It Brings you calmness and composure, the result always depends upon how we use this color with hue. It might look like a soft color, meanwhile the color gives you confidence and makes you strong.

Above all we can get tons of accessories with grey shade, similarly this color will completely dominate the entire room. 


Grey is the color of confidence and strongness.
Subsequently the  accessories are always vibrant, however it might look soft but it dominates the entire house.
People like the color black but using it for their interiors and walls is very limited. For Instance indian people are superstitious and don’t use black color in their rooms. 

Moreover people are now showing interest in using black color in their interior designs. 

Black Matte can be used for furniture. however we need to find more decorative items like furniture, study tables and tv units. 

Features of Color Black:

Bold Black is considered as Luxury and royal, in other words it might look normal but after the installation the total visual changes.
Above all, boldly move with black color it gives you an extra strength for your life decision.
Final Thoughts:

In Conclusion Researchers are working hard to find out the combination. therefore, every innovation helps people to live a comfortable and peaceful life.
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