Edakkal Hermitage

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Ambalavayal PO Wayanad Kerala

location Place : Ambalavayal
city City : Wayanad
state State : Kerala
country Country : India

atmail Email : Info@edakkal.com
web Website : https://edakkal.com/

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"Edakkal Hermitage is one of the best resorts in Wayanad, with a mission to draw attention to the underappreciated Edakkal Caves and the natural splendour of eastern Wayanad. The resort's rooms are constructed around the boulders because this is boulder country. The motif of rocks and caverns is brilliantly repeated at the resort, which is located on a smaller piece of ground.
You can easily ascend a bamboo ramp to a tiny, brand-new tree house for a very private couple, which offers views that go on forever. The tiered grounds are beautifully landscaped, with plush grass and Jacquemontia veils. The eating experience has a home-stay atmosphere and the hospitality is understated.
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