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Designation Why use laminate flooring?

Choosing a flooring option is just one of the decisions you have to make when building or renovating your home. The right flooring provides the needed space for your boring space. While there are many materials you can choose from, laminate and vinyl remain the most popular options for many homeowners.

So, between laminate and vinyl, which flooring material is better for a home? Laminate and vinyl flooring are both durable yet affordable types of flooring. For bathrooms and laundry rooms, vinyl is a better option due to its resistance to heat and moisture. For the living room kit there is really no easy answer as to which is the best choice as there are factors to consider but at the end of the day it all depends on you.

Vinyl vs Laminate Flooring: Which is Better?

Both laminate and vinyl are good flooring options with a few similarities, which is why many people confuse them. However, there are important differences between laminate and vinyl that make one better than the other in some situations. Here are some important features of vinyl and laminate that set them apart:

Appearance and materials

The main difference between laminate and vinyl is in the materials used in their construction. Different types of vinyl flooring are usually created with synthetic materials. Most manufacturers use fiberglass, softener and PVC vinyl to produce the base layer of the vinyl sheet. They also highlight the material with a special design and complete it with a protective layer such as polyurethane.

Laminate flooring, on the other hand, has wood and resin byproducts for its core layer. The design layer is a print of a natural material (such as stone or wood) that is covered by a transparent and protective wear layer. Laminate is usually thicker than vinyl, which makes it easier to walk on.

When it comes to style and appearance, laminate flooring has an edge over vinyl because it has a real accent that makes it look like real wood. Vinyl can also look like natural wood or stone depending on the inlay technique used by the manufacturer, but homeowners should look for vinyl flooring with a thicker core to achieve the style they want.

Resistance to heat and humidity

Most vinyl flooring options are made from polymer materials that make them resistant to moisture. This means that they can be submerged in water and dry out, but still retain their shape long enough to be routinely reused. Vinyl sheets are also installed as a single sheet in a room, preventing water from seeping through cracks and damaging synthetic materials.

Laminate flooring is less water resistant than vinyl flooring, but still better than real hardwood. The tongue and groove connection of the boards makes it easier for the laminate to expand or contract without bending or buckling.

The high-density fiberboard core will continue to swell or shrink depending on how long it is exposed to water and how humid the room is. If the flooded core of the laminate floor remains wet for a long time, the photographic image and its protective layer may eventually peel off.

Care and maintenance

Both Shiraz vinyl and laminate flooring are low maintenance and easy to clean. Only use a broom, vacuum cleaner or other dry method to clean dust. Wet mops are also fine as long as they are not too wet. Excess moisture can seep into the gaps between any laminate planks or vinyl tiles, leading to various types of damage. Meanwhile, spots and stains don't leave a mark easily, but make sure to remove them as soon as you see them.
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