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Argus HD is YOUR premiere production company. Our core strength in A/V & Digital Media makes us your perfect one-stop for all your specified needs. 

We’re a production company that believes in a science-based approach to our equipment and a humanitarian approach to telling your story and accomplishing your event. 

For our live productions, we believe in a scientific approach. Many of our productions simply would not be possible without our well-trained core of engineers and technicians. We are in contact with manufacturer reps, visit trade shows, and even our trusted garage becomes a useful ally in our continually & perpetual exploration.

For our Digital Media productions, our humanitarian approach removes all the bells and whistles of technology. It’s not about cameras nor the technology. It boils down to the people and product you want us to feature. We huddle into our brainstorming sessions and discover ideas. Unique approaches. We ask ourselves, ‘What is the emotional appeal that we must convey to the audience? What feelings do we wish to invoke?” The answers to these basic questions form the basis of our production.
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